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Jyotisha Kendra is well known (since Centuries in our country and abroad for providing services in the field of ASTROLOGY, PALMISTRY AND VAASTU SHASTRA based on VEDAS and SHASTRAS, Scientific, Traditional , Indian -Western systems Provides computer hand made horoscopes calculative, predictive, marriage matching and remedial parts with precautions suggesting and managing effective remedies for different problems.

Astrology is Vedic Science with combinations of Astronomy mathematically calculated method of exploring the major events of our future due to influence of Planets on Humankind, our relationships and our place & Status in the world. It works by taking a look at the impact and influence of heavenly planets on our significant events & environmental influences right from our date, time & place of birth, starts operating in a particular place at a given time. This cycle of birth is in continuation unless reaches scaltation. So the result of back birth's doing karmas carries.

Astrology, the science of the stars, can give us insight into all facets of life and all situations, from personal relationship, marital life, children, individual, professional growth, financial growth, prosperity & properties, health & longevity of life, achievements, social & political activities to the political activities, both MICRO & MACRO, resulting the reflects of back karmas (previous birth)

Hand Analysis is a study of the human hand, dealing with the size, shape, fingernails, finger lengths and the skin patterns which make one hand different from any other. Its study is based upon what is recorded in the hand and is measured and compared to the facts given in researched studies done by medical doctors, psychologists, universities, educationalists and character researchers completed in institutions around the world since the early nineteen hundreds. Thus hand analysis is a program of evaluation of; personality, character - structure, health, talents, career abilities and hobbies best suited for that individual. Most people consider having it done for a personal character evaluation to help them make positive career and relationship choices. Hands have been of recorded interest to humanity as far back as 15,000 years ago. Palmistry was aligned with the idea that a person reads the hand with a scientific eye but spoke from the blend of science and intuition. Palmistry then officially became a form of prediction that was as individual as the hand itself. The same is read and predicted in horoscopes and forehead too. The persons can also be predicted by question astrology, who has no knowledge of their birth time and date.

Practicing astrology for years, we have invested a large part of his life in studying and imbibing ancient vedic astrology. We predict future of persons, organizations, nations etc., which is based on any of the astrology, palmistry, numerology and horoscope or (Horary chart, question astrology) their combination. We are a team of qualified astrologers provides consultations for vastu, kundli, panchang, muhurats, etc.

We provides prediction regarding :

Auspicious Muhurtas
We are also specialised in providing the Auspicious Muhurtas (day, date,time and months) for starting new business, traveling, voyage, pilgrimage, marriage ceremony date, compromise, litigation for genuine cause, title suit, to low down the enemies, to start new factory, shops, big business deals, inaugurate new building, first time entrance in new house, buying new house, constructing new house, buying new vehicles, learning, swimming, starting education, construction of new bridges, inauguration of bridges, taking oath in the office of important department, to start war and peace agreement etc.
Simple Muhurta : INR 2100 , USD 200
For Special Muhurta : INR 11000, USD 1000

Birth Report (Kundali)
Jyotish Kendra prepares birth report to provide a report of a newborn babies or otherwise individuals. This report enlists unique personality traits that are calculated on the basis of planet locations at the moment of birth. This report also details about individuals regarding their insights, true nature, social life, motivations, opportunities and challenges likely to be faced in the course of life.

Consulting Fees : Rs. 1000/- or US Dollar 100

Dasha Analysis
As per Vedic astrology, there are nine planets and every planet influences a person throughout his/her life. But there are certain periods during which a particular planet predominates. This period is known as dasha. In Vedic astrology, there are 43 dasha.

Dasha is calculated on the basis of the nakshatra. Dasha of favourable planets ensures high rate of success in all spheres whereas Dasha of malefic bestow only troubles. Only learned astrologers can tell about the Dasha whether it is a benefic or a malefic and suggest suitable remedies.

At Jyotish Kendra, you will get the answer of the following questions :

  • Which Dasha are you presently running?

  • For How much time will it run? When will it end?

  • What possible effects & results will this Dasha give?

  • Any important observation on the chart.

  • Remedial measures if needed or if possible to avoid male affects of the planets.

Consulting Fees : Rs. 1000/- or US Dollar 100

Life Predictions
By applying the principles of ancient Vedic astrology, some predictions can be made about individual life. As life is a series of pleasant and painful events, these predictions tell about the phases of someone's coming life concerning health, finances, career, family, marriage, unforeseen events and others.

With some relevant facts and required information, our expert astrologers provide accurate predictions about your life. They also provide suggestions about things which require to be avoided or continued. This way, you will be able to take timely decisions to ensure unhindered growth.

The life prediction reports cover following :

  • Career, Family, Marriage, Children, Property and Education

  • Traveling Abroad

  • Health, Finance and business

  • Purchase of Property/vehicle etc

Consulting Fees : Rs. 1000/- or US Dollar 100

Lucky Gems
The planetary movements influences a person throughout his or her life, which can either have positive or negative influence. Gems are worn to minimize negative influences of the planets. The colours and vibrations of a specific gem correspond to the colours and vibrations of a particular planet. Astro Point recommend gems as remedies after calculating the Dashas. Appropriate time to wear the gem is also calculated.

Consulting Fees : Rs. 1000/- or US Dollar 100

Nakshatra Report
In Vedic astrology, predictions are made on the basis of the position of the moon in a given nakshatra (constellation). The nakshatras are considered to be the head of respective groups of stars. Nakshatras are widely used to provide vital information such as determining marriage compatibility, children name like it's alphabets of the born baby etc.

Consulting Fees : Rs. 1000/- or US Dollar 100

Other Predictions
In addition to the above, Jyotish Kendra also provides predictions on various other aspects of human life based on Vedic astrology principles. These includes:

  • Destiny & decisions forecasts

  • Yearly planetary preview

  • Planetary motion forecasts

Consulting Fees : Rs. 1000/- or US Dollar 100

Star Trekking : Pt. R.N. Sharma reads Persis Khambatha's palms at Hotel Askok during the MMTC and World Gold Council Jewellery Show, Festival of Gold 1996 on Oct 11.

Pt. R.N. Sharma with Nitish Bhardwaj

Benefited Persons: Politicians, Indian Administrative Services, Indian Police Services, Doctors, Engineers, Social workers, Businessmen , General Officers, Students & common people. etc.

Pt. C.S. Sharma at Jyotish Kendra

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