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This family comes from Honorable his holiness Rishi " SHANDILYA ", pure Vegetarian (Vaishnav), guru Brahmin & followers of Vedas, shastras & Puranas. Upasak of Lord Shiva , Lord Vishnu, Lord Hanuman & Goddess Laxmi. Shandilya  Rishi is still alive in CHITRAKOOT as per Puranas. He is immortal.


Jyotish Kendra is engaged in Astrology, Palmistry, Vaastu, Mantra, Tantras, Remedial measures etc. We have been in our profession since last three hundred years in our family. This Profession was carried in beginning from "Gaur" Pradesh (place) in Bengal, that in Neemach and then in Rajasthan & Bihar, now in Delhi & different parts of India and abroad.

We Are :

Former Astrologers, Palmists & Vaastu Consultants
of Five Star Hotel Hyatt Regency, New Delhi

Former Consultants Astro-Palmists & Vaastu 
of Five Star Radisson Hotel, New Delhi

Former Astrological Consultant 
of M.M.T.C. and World Gold Council of India (Gems & Jewellery Exhibitions)

Former Astrologers, Palmists & Vaastu Consultants
Hotel Sea Princess, Mumbai

Our Ancestors, Whose guidance is a valuable asset to us :

Late Pandit Thandumal Sharma Pure Vedacharya, Karmakand Aacharya, Puranacharya, Jyotishacharya,
Vaastu Acharya,
Guru & Remedials.

All were Expert in above subjects

Late Pandit Ramnath Sharma
Late Pandit Ramchandra Sharma
Late Pandit Chhaju Ram Sharma
Late Pandit Ganga sahay Sharma
Late Pandit Gauri Shankar Sharma
Late Pandit Gopal Pd. Sharma
Late Pandit Mangal Dutt Sharma
Late Pandit Ramkumar Sharma
Late Pandit Bhagwat Sharma

Our Present EXPERT Pandit Family Members :



Pandit R. N. Sharma Jyotishacharya, B. Com.
Pandit Dr. J. P. Sharma Jyotishacharya, Ayurvedacharya
Pandit C. S. Sharma Jyotishacharya, M. Com., Upshastri
Pandit Dr. S. R. Sharma Jyotishacharya, MBA, M.com, M.A.,PHD
Pandit V. D. Sharma Jyotishaharya , M. A.

100 Pandits, who helped and are now helping in performing yagnas, Mantras, Japas, Path doing special Secred beneficial, Vedic, Pauranic Mantras & Tantras, Yantras for the fulfillment of remedial purposes. Whoever, he may be from any class, any cast, religion, country by suggesting the complete remedial sources whatever gained from our ancestors experience our experiences and the advices of Vedas, shastras & Puranas, Shrimad Bhagwat Gita & sayings of our god & goddesses like Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Lord Hanuman, Devi Laxmi & our holy books.
We perform Mahamrityunjay, Mrit Sanjivnee, Gayatri Japas, Parthiv Shiv Poojan at the time of avoiding accidents, Long illness etc.

Charges Of Zadies :
INR 2100 Each
 USD 200 Each

Yantras are made after completion of rituals.

Yantras are useful and available for
Health, Mental peace, Maintaining peace in daily life, Promotion in business, doing low down enemies, prosperity in life, for legality, to minimize male effects of planets, to avoid chances of major accidents, marriage, suitable match, sharpening the intellect, for avoiding markesh (danger of life).

we do Maha Mritunjay jaap + pooja of lord shiva to avoid Markesh (danger of death).
charges for Maha Mritunjay jaap + pooja
INR 1,63,000
USD 10,000

Special :
To avoid Major markesh which is defined, we can only try but the result is in god's hand, in this circumstances we have the experience to avoid the dangerous markesh by transferring the years or months of one's life to the concerned person (it's kind of donation of the parts of the years of life). It's most effective when blood relation donates the part of life and the donations should be pure heartily. In Indian history there are lots of examples. We try all remedies.

INR 11,00,000
USD 1,25,000

Note : It is a kind of precaution and does not give any kind of  guarantee.

To avoid male effects of Planets


Daan for each planet (Grahas)
For Sun      INR 1500, USD 300
For Moon    INR 1500, USD 300
For Mars     INR 1500, USD 300
For Jupiter  INR 2100, USD 400
For Venus   INR 2100, USD 400
For Saturn  INR 3100, USD 800
For Rahu     INR 5100, USD 1000
For Ketu     INR 5100, USD 1000

Ordinarily Daan and Jaap of each planet
INR 11,000
USD 1000

Ordinary navgraha yantra for Nav Graha (9 planets)
INR 21000
USD 2100

Special yantras
INR 51000
USD 3100

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